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We offer you a reliable and transparent transport solution to deliver your full truckload within Europe – ranging from confirming your order to completing it. We transport packaged goods, hazardous items and temperature-controlled shipments safely to their destination. You can book our services up to 24 hours before the start of the transport operation. Our vehicles can be continuously localised thanks to GPS. You will receive information even before your cargo arrives thanks to our geofencing technology – and you receive the proof of delivery in electronic form.

Step 1: Transmission of your order

  • The driver can access all the information related to the job via the app. Things then get going! The driver confirms heading for the loading point via tablet.
  • Any diversions or road closures or even traffic jams are automatically included in the calculations for the arrival time.

Step 2: Processing of your order

  • As soon as the truck reaches the loading point, this is communicated via the app. The same applies to the beginning and end of the loading process.
  • The driver confirms resuming  the journey. The probable arrival time at the unloading point is sent to the customer again.
  • The truck arrives in the geofencing area. The unloading point now has time to prepare for the arrival of the goods within this defined distance.

Step 3: Completion of your order

  • The driver confirms arrival at the destination as well as the beginning and end of the  
  • unloading process.
  • The driver confirms that the order has been completed and can now take on a new transport job.
  • A database is used to directly assign customer orders to the vehicle that is most suitable in terms of its size, equipment and location on each occasion. This reduces the distances when delivering the vehicle and is eco-friendly, as CO2 emissions are lower.
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A transparent supply chain is important for us. If customers use our FTL services, they know at any time where their goods are located and when they will probably arrive at the recipient’s site. The system logs any waiting times once the truck has arrived at its destination and also before the unloading operation starts. Our IT solution also informs you about any unforeseen events like traffic jams or accidents; this information is forwarded to our app immediately.


We know that time is a precious commodity. With the help of our geofencing technology, our customers already know in advance that their consignment will soon arrive at its destination. You decide when you would like to receive a status report from us – whether it is 50, 40 or 30 kilometres before our truck reaches its unloading point. You can then prepare for our arrival just in time, use resources in a sensible manner and prevent any waiting times.


You normally obtain the physical proof of delivery for freight transport operations with a time delay, depending on the region involved. Our electronic proof of delivery is not only sustainable and saves valuable paper, but confirms that the transport job has been completed in real time immediately after the unloading operation has been finished.


We make use of smart tools when providing full truckload services and they offer you a general overview of the current status of your goods on the day of transportation. This saves time and eases the pressure on your employees, who no longer have to perform elaborate research work to determine where their goods are located at any given time. Individual customers can comfortably track their consignment using our tracking solution, even on a mobile phone, and evaluate the situation. As a result, you can organise your processes even more efficiently!


All the vehicles that we use for FTL transport operations are equipped with a GPS navigation system. This means that you can check exactly where your goods are located at any time – anywhere in Europe. However, our software is able to do even more than this: using the GPS and route data, it can calculate the probable time that your goods will arrive at their destination.


All our drivers have a tablet computer that is easy to handle. Each activity can be immediately logged electronically through the app’s simple, multilingual controls. The starting time for the transport operation, the arrival time at the loading point, the start and end of the loading procedure as well as the departure are all documented via a touchscreen and directly fed into the system – and you have access to this. The same naturally applies to the unloading process!

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