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Sector solutions

Rhenus Automotive


Some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers are our customers in the automobile sector.

Here are some of our special solutions for the automobile sector:

  • Procurement logistics and handling empty containers
  • JIT and JIS deliveries
  • Control centre concepts/managing suppliers

We are able to optimise transport services and stocks and increase the value added at your company by selecting the suitable type of handling operations in a flexible manner and coordinating the modes of transport and flows of goods from one source.

Rhenus Chemicals


The Rhenus Chemical Logistics is particulary focused in particularly on transport solutions for companies in the chemical industry.

We provide the highest level of security, in which we deploy qualified equipment and employ intensively trained staff in handling chemical products.

Specially adapted transport services for groupage, part and full load transports and Intermodal are complemented by comprehensive special services.
Moreover, we have uniform European standards and an intelligent Exception Management, what  provides a high level of transparency and confidence throughout the supply chain with our detailed KPI concept and our environmental management solutions.

For exceedingly sensitive cases are central Control Tower solutions available.
Our customers are leading chemical producers, wholesalers and their suppliers, as well as manufacturing companies.

We are your partner for packaged chemical goods. Please get in contact with the Rhenus Chemical Logistics.

Rhenus retail Consumer Goods

Retail consumer goods

Retail and consumer goods are a major sector for us. The wide variety of the products and what they require in terms of the logistics process are an enormous challenge here.

It is absolutely essential to provide a high degree of flexibility here to cope with seasonal fluctuations, offer rapid responses to short-term demands, but also reduce logistics costs.  

Here are some examples of our solutions in this sector:

  • Combined warehouse and distribution solutions
  • Internally pooling volumes within the Rhenus network
  • Concepts for supplying final customers, even at stores
Rhenus Pharmaceuticals


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most sensitive sectors. Millions of people daily rely on the reliability and dependability of the products that are available. Many large pharmaceutical companies and their producers, suppliers and wholesalers entrust their transport services to us and rely on Rhenus.

We therefore offer a customised quality management system to handle processes in line with plans and we have pooled our services for you under “Rhenus PharmaSafe Logistics”. They include, for example:

  • Using a qualified fleet of subcontractors
  • The ability to handle all the normal temperature ranges
  • All the services meet GxP standards from one source
  • Transparent cold chains
  • and many other individual services, which are precisely tailored to your needs.

Get in touch with us!

Rhenus Construction Industry

Construction industry

Our main customers in construction logistics are businesses in the building materials industry and their suppliers. The special challenges here involve flexible reactions to fluctuations in volumes, minimising downtimes at building sites and almost 100 percent reliability for customer planning in order to guarantee smooth building site logistics.

Here are some of our special solutions:

  • Notification services during the delivery run
  • Punctual deliveries to the building crews or the building site
  • Consolidating individual components
Rhenus electronics


Producers of electronic components, importers and domestic appliance manufacturers make wide use of our solutions in the electronics sector.

The main challenges in this sector involve end-to-end interface documentation, handling advertising campaigns on time and providing a high degree of flexibility to cope with seasonal fluctuations.

We also offer the following special services in order to meet the demands for reliability and precise deadlines in this sector:

  • Combined warehouse and distribution solutions
  • Chain store deliveries
  • Video monitoring at handling facilities
Rhenus Engineering Industrial Goods

Engineering industrial goods

Many of the world’s leading engineering companies and market-leading suppliers rely on services provided by the Rhenus Group to supply their customers.

Extremely high levels of quality for supplies, adherence to deadlines and a global transport network make us the ideal partner for these customers.

You will find a selection of our services here:

  • Procurement, warehouse and distribution logistics, individually tailored to customer requirements
  • Fully developed SCM with interfaces to customers’ operational systems
  • Precise supplies to meet production cycles
  • Transporting complete plants or the tiniest spare parts

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