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< Rhenus Offshore Logistics expands its network of business sites on its fifth anniversary
11.10.2019 11:47 Alter: 343 days
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Good bye Rhenus Midi Data! Hello Rhenus High Tech!

Our high-tech logistics partner for Germany has changed its name and logo and has re-entered the market as Rhenus High Tech since late summer this year and underlines its market presence with a customized logo.

This clearly shows the affiliation with the Rhenus Group and, as it were, expresses the consistent focus on logistics and transport solutions for high-quality high-tech products. These include the 2-man distribution to the final point of use as well as comprehensive, technical value-added logistics services. The company is active throughout Europe for its customers and will gradually unify its market presence under Rhenus High Tech across borders.

We look forward to sharing further exciting news in the near future!

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